Ivo von Putzer Reibegg

I'm @ivoputzer

I am a developer by heart. I like building things for the web that don't exist but should, and take things that do exist to make them better. I like solving problems in simple yet effective ways!

During my years of web development, I have grown a strong passion for frontend development which led me to a solid understanding of its underlying technologies. I love hacking the hell out of web applications to understand new technologies and deliver the best user experience possible.

While user experience still plays a big role in what I enjoy doing, I've learned how important it is to write stable yet maintainable and scalable backend solutions. Even though I started as a PHP developer, I naturally came closer to the NodeJS environment while still embracing more "elegant" technologies such as Ruby or Java either adopting frameworks or by implementing architectures from scratch.

I discovered the Agile Manifesto and eXtreme Programming back while joining XPeppers in 2013 and I’ve tried my best to apply either values and principles ever since. I’m firmly convinced that human interactions and proactive collaborations are key to building great products and writing great software in general. In all the projects I have worked so far I’ve experienced the benefits of practices such as Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery, and Infrastructure Automation.

In real life 🇮🇹

I live in the Alps 🏔️ just below the border to Austria. That's why I speak both Italian and German. Bolzano is where I come from, Trento is where I am currently based.

On the web 📫

You can find me on Github, Twitter, NPM, Linkedin, Stackoverflow, Instagram, Codepen, and whatever else people use these days.


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